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VA research supports excellent medical care for veterans.  The Institute for Clinical Research, Inc. is associated with VA.  The three major research resources are (1) Big Data, (2) Quality Principal Investigators, and (3) Global Joint Research.

Laboratory Scientist
Checking X-Rays

1. Big Data: The Largest Medical Records Repository in the United States

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has had automated data processing systems within its medical facilities since before 1985. The VA research data warehouse holds electronic medical records of 21 million veterans across 163 VA Medical Centers, over 800 clinics, and 135 nursing homes in the United States.  The research data continues to grow and the collected data types continue to expand according to medical advances.

2. Outstanding Investigators

  1. Researchers who are qualified by education, training and experience.

  2. Researchers familiar with the special medical needs of veterans.

  3. Researchers who are involved in national and international conferences in conducted areas of research.

ICR Military Family.jpeg

3. Global Joint Research

The Institute of Clinical Research utilizes an extensive network of global healthcare professionals and organizations.

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